Citizens of Colorado are Fighting Mad for Their Gun Rights

Image of sign for petition to recall Colorado State Senator John Morse over his attack on Gun Rights

Recall Sen. John Morse petition sign

On November 10th there will be an election which is setting up to be a Colorado election that will likely go down in the state’s history books and it is all due to a few ordinary Citizens who are fighting mad for their Second Amendment. It is the state’s first ever recall election of two State Senators who have chosen to ignore their constituents and push through anti gun regulations against the will of their constituents.

Colorado Democratic state Senators John Morse and Angela Giron are not only facing a recall because of their attack on Gun Rights, but the efforts to recall them could quite easily set voting records for a non-Presidential voting year as the efforts to remove them from office have turned up more signatures than the number of people who actually voted for these two State Senators to begin with. Second Amendment supporters (ordinary Americans) will be watching this

Image of sign supporting the recall of Colorado State Senator Angela Giron

Sign for Colorado recall of State Senator Angela Giron

election unfold this November 10th as a fight over Gun Rights has taken up front lines in Colorado due to the efforts of

six ordinary men who got up and decided to take a stand.

Watch this inspiring video below and then watch as history is made in Colorado on November 10, 2013 as Colorado will likely be telling their legislature that they will no longer be taking these attacks laying down.


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Trent Thevenot

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