The REAL purpose behind Obamacare

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Obamacare is truly evil for America.

How many times did the President stride up to the microphone and recite these sentences? With my plan, you can keep your doctor! With my plan, you can keep your current insurance! With my plan, it will force insurance companies to lower prices! With my plan, you can have choices! With my plan, the uninsurable will now be covered! We are the greatest nation on earth, we should not have 15-30 million people not covered by medical care insurance!

Based upon the above quotes, the entire purpose of the ”Affordable Care Act” was to get some 15-30 million American covered in some form of insurance that was affordable and America would cover them even if they had a dreaded disease.

Due to the ACA, we now know a few truths. The United States Government cannot even get a website done correctly. The simple act of getting a website built for this boondoggle, should be the only example that any American needs to realize that their health-care is now in dire straits. Not to harp on the website, but it is now being reported that a Canadian IT firm built this Internet catastrophe and the American government was stupid enough to pay some $634,000,000.00 (yes that’s correct, $634 million) for this ”Titanic” website. I guess the Silicon Valley has been forgotten by the Obama Administration or they have yet to realize that America is the home to Bill Gates, Apple or Mark Zuckerberg. To make matters worse, I would bet my left arm I could have had built a premium website to handle Obamacare for a couple of million tops, on a bad day, ten or twenty million. Nearly $1 Billion dollars to build a flipping website that doesn’t work and you Mr. President want us to trust you with our most private medical and personal information? Have you lost your mind?

Forget about the fact that physicians are leaving the medical profession by the droves or announcing their retirements. Forget about the fact that the newest estimates are America will have a physician shortfall by 2025 of some 52,000 doctors. Forget about the fact that most people going to the corrupted and horribly built website are finding their insurance premiums skyrocketing by unprecedented percentages not seen since Obama’s increased government spending increases upon being inaugurated President.

On top of all that good news we now are hearing stories coming from patients that are truly frightening for our very liberty and freedom as American citizens. The first one that comes to my mind is one that hit very close to home. My 73-year-old mother goes to visit her family doctor that she has been seeing now for some 10 years or so. She goes in for something very minor and a flu shot. The nurse has a clip board and asked my mother if she owns a firearm? Then she asked my mother if she has multiple sex partners. Oh yes America, this did happen. Why does the doctor need to know about sex partners for a flu shot? Why does the doctor need to know about a firearm for a shooting pain in her knee and a flu shot? My mother being the redneck she is, refused to answer and the nurse informed her, it was part of the Obamacare software and the questions had to be answered. Remember when Obama informed America that your information would be available for all doctors in a database?

The simple solution to the 15-30 million or less than 8% of the American population would have been the following.

1. Open up Medicare for anyone and everyone that could prove their insurability was a problem.

2. Have them pay a small fee based upon income. If they were near poverty, have them pay $10 or $20 a month.

3. Have it set up on a small deductible with a $20 Co-Pay at the doctor’s office.

Throw $50 Billion a year at the problem and presto, problem solved for the uninsured or under insured American citizen. Obama would have been a hero and America would not go bankrupt or have its entire health care system stood on its head and destroyed.

You have to know that the Democrats thought of this simple solution. You have to believe that someone out of all the government bureaucracy in Washington surely thought of this simple solution to Americas healthcare woes. If the real issue was compassion for all those that did not have insurance, then why did nobody think of something this simple. The system is in place and has been for decades. The doctors deal with Medicare on a daily basis and most patients know who will accept and not accept it.

We are now back to the old adage, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it might be a duck. The real intent of this debacle was not to help those 15-30 million citizens. The real purpose of this entire horrid episode was to seize Americas healthcare industry for very nefarious purposes. The real purpose was to clamp socialism down on America like an NFL Line-Backer tackling a helpless Quarterback. The real purpose was to

garner as much private information about American citizens as Obama could collect.

America; wake up, we are now officially in very serious trouble. Obamacare is not here to help you, it is here to take you over. The death panels are very real! My own father was a victim of them and is now deceased. My own mother was told to answer the question about her guns. All the horror stories you were told by the Right are real. The ones where the President laughed at us for thinking such things, are real!

America it is time to revolt at the polls. It is time to get to work and apply so much pressure on this government, they are forced into scrapping this trash heap known as Obamacare. You had better listen America, you are out of second chances. The wolf is truly at the door on this one.


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